School Lunches

The school chef develops his balanced menus by working closely with a top nutritionist, and over 95% of all raw ingredients are delivered fresh every day. Working together with his team, he serves homemade soups, prepares a fully fledged salad bar, three main hot dishes, including a vegetarian option along with accompanying vegetables (homemade mashed potatoes!) and a wide variety of desserts (fresh fruit pots, homemade cake and yoghurts).

Holroyd Howe, a specialist school caterer, received the Catey Prize in 2015 for "Education caterer of the year" rewarding in particular their innovative and fresh menus.

canteen Below you will find the upcoming weekly menus served in the school canteen. The menus listed will help parents and children discuss and choose their lunchtime dishes.

  • Week 12 Menus English, 80.6 KB

    Lunch menus from Monday 20 to Friday 24 March

  • Week 13 Menus English, 0 B

    Lunch menus from Monday 27 to Friday 31 March

  • Week 16 menus English, 233.96 KB

    Menus from Tuesday 19 to Friday 21 April

  • Week 17 menus English, 71.67 KB

    Menus from Monday 24 to Friday 28 April.

  • Week 18 menus English, 73.28 KB

    Menus from Tuesday 01 to Friday 05 May