Pupil Support

couloir et casiersPupil Support is specific to the Secondary School. It is composed of a team of Education Assistants and Lunch-break Supervisors and is headed by the Conseiller Principal d'Éducation (CPE).

For pupils and parents, School Support is the place to go to for all school-related queries.

School Support: a Break in a Pupil's School Day

This time includes the few minutes between lessons, playtime, lunchtime, lunch-break, study at school. The Pupil Support office is the place to go to to make a phone call, to ask for an appointment with the CPE or to discuss a specific issue.

Pupil Support: a Place Where Pupils are Welcome

The Pupil Support office is the first place pupils go if they arrive late for school or when they come back to school after being absent. The Education Assistants check pupils' coming in and out of the school.

Pupil Support also includes a study room, where secondary pupils can study from 08:45 to 17:00. An Education Assistant is there to supervise at all times, to ensure there is a studious atmosphere, and to offer support with school work.

Pupils may also request to work in a separate classroom, when they have to work as a group. An Education Assistant then supervises such team work.