Pupil Support Staff

School Support Head (or CPE in French)

The CPE is a member of the school staff responsible for:

  • secondary school management on a day-to-day basis: monitoring the number of pupils, pupil attendance and punctuality. The CPE leads the Education Assistants team and is in charge of pupil mobility and safety.
  • cooperation with the teaching staff: the CPE is in charge of monitoring pupil education (results, studying conditions, discussing issues and ways to overcome difficulties). The CPE takes part in class councils.
  • leading education: the CPE is in charge of addressing pupils, collectively (as a class) or individually. He plays a role in learning citizenship (class representative elections, taking part in solidarity actions...).

Education Assistants

They take part in managing and supervising the education of pupils. They:

  • monitor the ins and outs of pupils on the playground, in the corridors, and during lunchtime
  • supervise the study room and help with homework
  • perform some administrative tasks (late pupils and absentees)
  • coordinate and lead educational and academic activities (school outings and educational visits).

Lunch-break Supervisors

They supervise pupils during lunchtime breaks.

The School Support Team does not operate in isolation. It cooperates with:

  • the Headteacher
  • teachers
  • the school nurse
  • the librarian.

It also cooperates with parents.