Financial aid (bursaries)

Parents of French pupils can apply for a means-tested bursary with the French Consulate General in London.

The first period of the scholarship campaign 2017/2018 is now closed

For further information and in-depth details of how to apply, please follow the following link:

You may contact the consulate's social service department by email at :

It is very important you consult the Consulate General de France in London website and to respect the deadline for filing, independently of the registration or the re-registration at CFBL.

French Scholarship Foundation

The French Scholarship Foundation (FSF) is a young and dynamic Registered Charity created in 2015 whose objective is to provide financial support for school fees to families facing temporary financial hardship. The FSF supports children of any nationality both at CFBL and LIL Winston Churchill.

Since its creation, FSF has received 25 requests; 18 files qualified for the FSF criteria and 14 grants were awarded to different students who, thanks to this financial support, continue their studies in the French education system. So far the total amount of awards for 2016 exceeds £40,000.

Each request is dealt with thoroughly, fairly, impartially, confidentially and with sensitivity, always using objective criteria.

Now, FSF is looking ahead and planning for new fundraising initiatives as acute needs have been identified to support families.
All this work is achieved by a team of 5 volunteer Trustees. The FSF has NO overheads; every penny raised is used to support families in need.

SUPPORT THE FSF - For all additional queries and donations please email us at